Would love to go to a music fest? Then make sure you experience at least one of the best music festivals in India!

Music has the power to heal and rejuvenate the soul. You can listen to music practically anywhere, anytime. But listening to music in a live concert is surely a whole new level of experience. If you have been to one, then you’d surely understand the kind of bliss that it can induce. In India, many music festivals are being organized wherein singers and musicians from all over the globe showcase their talents. These music festivals are the chance of music fans to enjoy the diverse mix of music. Some of the best music festivals in India are as follows.


Ziro Festival of Music

Ziro Festival of Music is an annual music festival launched in the year 2012. The Ziro Music Festival is held in the Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. It’s a 4-day music festival which encourages fellowship between musicians of Northeast India. The music lovers can listen to the Indie music coupled with the rich scenic beauty of the east at this event.


Sunburn Festival

Sunburn Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in the world. This music festival was launched in the year 2007. People can enjoy electro music and crazy dancing at this three-day electronic music festival. Sunburn is a well established EDM festival that has solely changed the image of music festivals of India across the globe.


NH7 Weekender

NH7 Weekender is a magnificent and the best-organized indie music festival in India. The music fans can listen to a mix of rock, metal, indie, and ethnic fusion music at this festival. This music festival is held in cities such as Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi for three days.


Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Fields is a stunning music festival organized in the magnificent Alsisar Mahal in Shekhawati, Rajasthan. This is a 3-day luxurious music festival which aims to give a platform for the fresh talents to sing alongside music legends and get a chance in the music industry.


Storm Festival

Storm Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in India started in the year 2012. The people can enjoy live music of various genres like folk, indie, and electronic along with adventurous sports. Storm Festival is held in the outskirts of Bangalore for 3 days.


Mahindra Blues

Mahindra Blues is the biggest Blues music festival of Asia that takes place in the metro city, Mumbai. This music festival aims to promote the local blues community by bringing well-established blues artists from all over the world and budding blues artists from India on a common platform.


In addition to these, there are other music festivals such as Ragasthan, Sulafest, Hornbill International Festival, Mood Indigo, and Enchanted Valley Carnival, which are quite popular in India.


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