Are you an avid movie-goer? Then better check out these famous international film festivals in India!


A movie is an integral part of art and culture. This is a medium to tell a story or convey messages to the audience through an audio-visual channel. Today, films have become a lucrative business and because of the commercial cinemas, the artistic sentiment is being overshadowed. But there are platforms called Film Festivals, where we can celebrate the amazing art form cinema.


Over the past decade, there is a launch of many film festivals in India. From the mountains of North India to the beaches of South India, all these splendid destinations are hosting the said festivals and making them even more attention worthy. Here we have listed out some famous international film festivals in India!


International Film Festival of India

IFFI is an official film festival of the Indian Government, founded in the year 1952. The International Film Festival of India is the most important film festival in Asia. IFFI features best independent cinemas from India and commendable collections of films from around the world. IFFI is set in Goa.


Dharamsala International Film Festival

Dharamsala International Film Festival was founded in the year 2012. This is the most popular and largest independently-run film festival in India. DIFF features a collection of feature-length, short, and documentary movies from across the globe.


Ladakh International Film Festival

This film festival was founded in the year 2012. The Ladakh International Film Festival is held at Leh, a Himalayan town. The major theme of this festival is wildlife conservation, definitely a great festival with a good cause.


Kolkata International Film Festival

The second oldest film festival in India was founded in the year 1995. The Kolkata International Film Festival features women director’s films, country focussed films, regional focussed films, documentary films, biopic, and short films from all around the world. This festival is also supported by the Government of West Bengal.


Mumbai International Film Festival

The Mumbai International Film Festival started in the year 1990. This film festival is a great platform for documentary, animation, and short films. The MIFF will be held in the Mumbai metro city.


Furthermore, there are other International film festivals like Jaipur International Film Festival, VIBGYOR International Film Festival, International Film Festival of Kerala, and more that are also popular in India.


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