Did you know the importance of protein supplements? If not, its time for you to find out!

Are you an athlete or a fitness freak but facing muscle soreness after prolonged high intensity or strenuous activities? Don’t know the reason for this? Then, here you go. The main reason for the muscle soreness is the lack of proteins in your body. Yes, you heard it right. If you are not intaking the required amount of proteins, then you will face problems in your muscles.

Specific grams of proteins must be taken by an athlete or a fitness freak daily as it is the building block of the muscles. But, I think, in the present scenario, all of us have a busy life, and it will be not possible to calculate every gram of protein that you eat. So, the only way to increase proteins in your body is by using protein supplements as these are more convenient and versatile.

Protein powder is the most popular nutritional supplement. These protein powders are made from whey, rice, soy or eggs, etc., and have a high concentration of protein. The dietary protein supplements stimulate muscles and help to improve body composition. Protein powders are more beneficial for athletes and fitness buffs as it increases their performance in sports and workouts. Some of the health benefits of Protein supplements are Weight management, muscle growth, recovery from muscle soreness, and added nutrition.

There are several types of protein & supplements available in the market. The types of protein powder include:

Whey Protein Powder

Casein Protein Powder

Soy Protein Powder

Pea Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder


But among all these protein powders, Whey Protein Powder is the most effective at giving your body what it needs. Whey Protein is the most basic and most popular protein supplement because it can promote muscle mass and recovery. The Whey Protein is derived from milk and consists of 80% casein and 20% whey. Whey Protein Powder is highly recommended for athletes and fitness buffs as it boosts immunity and improves muscle size and strength. Other benefits of Whey Protein include aiding weight loss, cancer treatment, reduce cholesterol, enhance the immune response in children with asthma, reduce blood pressure, and reduce weight loss among HIV-positive patients.


So, if you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast, then buy Whey Protein! Did you learn about the importance of protein supplements? Then you’d better stay tuned to U Do U India for more. You can also send us a message on our Facebook page.