Wondering what fun activities you should take next? Then you better head off to Goa! Because we have listed right here for you some of the best things to do in Goa!

Lazing at the shacks, a little beach hopping, few sips of Feni and partying at Tito’s are not the only fun things that you have to do in Goa. All these are sufficient if you are a tourist but if you are a real traveler, then there are many more activities that you have to experience in Goa! You have to do some amazing activities that are beyond a tourist’s perspective if you want to feel the beating pulses of Goa.


To make your trip most memorable and adventurous, we have provided a list of 10 must-do activities in this article. Check out the 10 fun and amazing activities that you must to do in Goa!


Enjoy sunbathing and the nightlife at Baga

Baga is the most popular and busiest beach in Goa and an iconic tourist destination. You can enjoy the nightlife at this beach with numerous pubs, clubs, and bars. Book a room in the best resorts in Baga and enjoy your day by playing water sports and also have fresh and delicious seafood. Don’t miss this best beach experience!

Enjoy the Backwaters of Goa by visiting Chapora River

It will be the most wonderful and lively experience if you stay for a day or two on a houseboat on the Chapora River. You can relax, experience spectacular scenery, and enjoy the backwaters of Goa. There is no other place to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.


Enjoy river cruises on Mandovi River

The GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) runs various river cruises on the Mandovi River during daytime, sunset, and moonlight. If you want to enjoy the best in Goa, you must go on a romantic sunset cruise on Mandovi River!


Play with the charming dolphins!


Dolphin sighting is one of the most wonderful offbeat activities to do in Goa. You can play with the delightful and lovely dolphins by taking a dip in the sea. Go with adequate safety arrangements to visit these dolphins!


Feel the spooky adventure in the Eerie Environs of Devil’s Canyon

Many people say that a demon used to reign at this place controlling every living creature in the area including the fishes. The area was cursed when a local duped the demon and stole his fishes. You can feel eerie vibes and the uncanny silence even today when you visit this place. Enjoy and feel the chills at this spooky place!


Enjoy the complete view of Fort Aguada

Your visit to Goa will be incomplete if you don’t visit the iconic Fort Aguada and its lighthouse! This is a Portuguese Fort that is beautifully-preserved and when you explore this fort, you will definitely get lost in its history and architecture.


Enjoy the safari at the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, an amazing nature park, is located in Ponda Taluka. You can view Malabar giant squirrel, Indian bison, and many more at this sanctuary. This is also a famous picnic spot that is visited by school children.


Take a visit at the blissful Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls means ‘Sea of Milk’ in English. It is located on the border of Karnataka and Goa on the Mandovi River. You can enjoy nature to its extent with the stunning four-tiered waterfall and lush forests that are surrounded by this place.


Play water sports at Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama is a hub that connects great beaches in Goa. You should not miss visiting this place as you can enjoy good food, shopping, and playing many water adventure sports. This place is famous for parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, and so much more!


Trekking to Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is two hours away from Palolem Beach. You can discover hundreds of butterflies while trekking to this place. You can also take a boat ride to this scheduled spot. You can do activities like canoeing, rock climbing, sunbathing, etc. at this place


Therefore, here are the top 10 must-do things that will redefine your trip to Goa. If you haven’t had these 10 best and mind-blowing experiences, then don’t tell yourself you have been to Goa! Share your experiences by sending us a message on our Facebook page.