Are you a beach person? Do you enjoy hearing the ocean waves and feel the sand on your feet? Then check out the 5 best beaches of Goa here!

When we think of a beautiful sunrise by the seashore, the only name that we will hear in India is Goa. Goa is considered as the beach capital of India, as this tiny state comprises of many enchanting beaches. There are plenty of beaches in Goa that you can hit up during your vacation.

From the Agonda Beach to the Baga Beach, we have picked 5 best beaches of Goa to find the queen of all beaches in Goa. So, let’s see what beautiful beaches of Goa have made it into our list!

Agonda Beach

Agonda beach is located in the south of Goa and north of the Palolem Beach. This beach is the best fit for all those who want to relax in an uncrowded area.

This beach attracts many tourists because it is very quiet, spacious, blissful and pristine. The weather will be warm and the beach will be clean here. You can chill out laying on the golden sand or can swim in the ocean all day!

Calangute Beach

This is one of the overcrowded beaches in Goa. The water is a little dirty but still, it is a good place to enjoy for fun lovers. You can go surfing or play water sports such as banana rides, jet skis, parasailing or simply lay on the sunbeds to have a good massage.

If you want to try different seafood during the night, this beach is the best as the shacks offer a lot of food at an unbelievably low price!

Baga Beach

Located in the northern part of Goa, Baga Beach starts where Calangute ends. This beach is the busiest and overcrowded beach of all. The Baga is famous for recreational activities, adventurous sports, and the nightlife.

The beach is decorated with many shacks providing the best food and drinks of Goa. This is the best beach if you are planning for a romantic candlelight dinner or parties.

Candolim Beach

This beach, located in the northern part of Goa, is less congested than Baga Beach and the water will be clearer than Agonda Beach. You can get different types of food and cocktails to try from the shacks at a very cheap price.

You can play water sports, swim in the clean ocean waters, and go sunbathing under the hot sun. The new garden constructed for kids is also attracting tourists and visitors!

Cavelossium Beach

One can enjoy the beautiful sunset and calm environment in Cavelossium Beach, located near the salt river. This beach is serene and surrounded by paddy fields and coconut grooves. It is less crowded than most of the beaches, displaying a beautiful view of black rocks and white sand.

The cruise ride is an interesting activity which takes us down to sal river. From DJs, musical nights to scuba diving, surfing, and other adventurous water sports are added attractions of Cavelossium. Water will be clearer too! What more do we want?


Cavelossium Beach – The queen of all beaches of Goa

Out of all these beautiful beaches of Goa, I would consider Cavelossium Beach as the queen of all beaches. This beach is very quiet and is considered as a pristine beach by many tourists and visitors. Well, it’s hard to deny the fact this beach is the best one in Goa because of its calm and peaceful sceneries and clean waters.


So, what according to you is the best beach in Goa? Share your suggestions and opinions with us. Send us a message on our Facebook page.