Learn more about the top five film industries in India that have been giving us the movies we love right here!

The Indian film industry is the world’s second oldest film industry. It is also the largest film industry in the world in terms of the number of movies produced every year. Every year, India produces approximately 2000 films whereas Hollywood produces only 800 on an average. The reason behind this is the best regional film industries. India makes films in so many different languages which no other country in the world can produce. Every regional film industry in India has set its benchmark in the Indian film industry with their movies. Here, we are going to list out some top 5 film industries in India!


Bollywood, also known as Hindi film industry, is the largest film industry in India which produces movies in the Hindi language. It is based in the metro city, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Hindi film industry is also one of the biggest film industries in the world in terms of the number of films produced.


Kollywood is the second largest film industry in India producing movies in the Tamil language. Kollywood is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and is often referred to Tamil film industry. The biggest actors of the Indian film industry like Rajinikanth and Kamal Hasan are from the Kollywood. Chennai is also a secondary hub for Bollywood, other south industries, and Sri Lankan cinema.


Tollywood, also known as Telugu Cinema, is a South Indian film industry which produces movies in the Telugu language. This film industry is in Guinness World Record for the largest movie production facility in the world. Recently, because of the popularity of Baahunali franchise, Tollywood got the international acclaim.


Marathi cinema is a regional film industry in India where the films are produced in Marathi. It is one of the oldest and reputed film industries in India based in Mumbai. The first Marathi movie, ‘Shree Pundalik’, was released in India on 18th May 1912 directed by Dadasaheb Torne.


Mollywood is also known as the Malayalam film industry. It produces films in Malayalam language and based in Kerala, an Indian state in the south. When compared to other film industries like Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood, the Mollywood’s gross box-office is smaller. This industry gained unique recognition in world cinema only because of their technical finesse and craft.


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