Are you in Mumbai? Then, try these mouth-watering foods.

In this busy life of ours, we are always indulged in work. Sometimes we may not even get some time to relax. The only time we get is that when we go on a vacation. If you are planning to visit Mumbai during this summer vacation, then you should not miss eating the famous foods of Mumbai. You have to try these tasty and delicious dishes in Mumbai for sure.

Mutton Dhansuk

Mouth Watering Foods of Mumbai

Who doesn’t want a tangy mutton curry with rice in winter nights? This delicious food is only for non-vegetarian lovers, who want to eat something spicy and hot. This tender and softly cooked mutton with brown rice is a grand feast that satisfies your hunger. You can also get it garnished with mutton kebabs and fried onions. It is rich in proteins and so tasty.

Puran Poli

Mouth Watering Foods of Mumbai

It is prepared and is loved by the people of Maharashtra and Gujarat in Dussehra and Ganesh Chaturthi. It is prepared with ghee, sugar and chana dal. It just melts in your mouth in no time. Adding elaichi to this will make it more delicious and also refreshes your breath. The taste of Puran Poli is so divine and will tantalize your taste buds.

Veg Paneer Frankie

Mouth Watering Foods of Mumbai

When you are hungry but on a tight budget, get a Frankie for yourself and make it a comfortable and delicious meal. If you are a non-vegetarian lover, who loves to eat some delicious soft chicken, you can ask for chicken fillings instead of veg fillings. It feels so light even after taking in like 2-3 Frankies at once.

Chicken Shashlik / Veg Shashlik

Mouth Watering Foods of Mumbai

This is a large sizzling dish. It is served with the rice along with thick cut fries and some vegetables or grilled chicken. It is also served with fried paneer which is something you should try at least once in your lifetime. If you are in Mumbai or planning to go to Mumbai, don’t leave before tucking into this delicious sizzler.

Konkani coastal meal

Mouth Watering Foods of Mumbai

Konkan coast lies between Mumbai and Goa. Konkani coastal meal is a signature meal for those who like to have some spicy and tangy food. Garam Masala, chilli, fresh coconut, and rice are the main ingredients of this meal. If you have spacious tummy and desire to eat healthily, try this meal as there will be so many varieties of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries served along with a heap of boiled white rice.


Mouth Watering Foods of Mumbai

Dhoklas are the best vegetarian food item out of all those foods available in Mumbai. It is a Gujarati dish which is prepared with fermented rice flour batter and split chickpeas. The Dhoklas when consumed along with some chutney, gives an invigorating and mouthwatering flavour. We can add sugar to these feather-light Dhoklas, and it will make an excellent snack for tea time. Also, this has fewer calories compared to other evening snacks.

Ragda Pattice

Mouth Watering Foods of Mumbai

This is a chaat recipe that will make people go crazy due to its zesty flavour. It is made of fried and shallowed mashed potatoes (Aloo Tikka) with dry peas toppings, spices and chutney over the heap. We can not explain how exactly it tastes like. Because it is a perfect blend of different tastes. It may taste spicy, sweet, crispy, soft and tangy. ‘Chatpata’ taste is how they explain it.

Apart from these, there are a lot of different types of cocktails, beverages, pizzas, snacks which are available in the food streets of Mumbai. You definitely should come in