One of the ambitious projects of Shah Rukh Khan, “Zero”, got selected for Beijing International Film Festival. Check out the details here!

The Beijing international film festival has been one of the glorious events organized by the government of Beijing, China. Every year many films will get screened at this prestigious film festival. This year, nearly 261 blockbuster films are all set to cover and mesmerize the world.

Shah Rukh Khan’s movie ‘ZERO’, released in 2018 is lucky enough to get screened this year along with four other Indian films that are listed to screen. The ZERO got selected to be the closing film of the Beijing Film Festival, which was conducted from April 13 to April 20. The festival began with a Chinese Kazakh film titled ‘The Composer’.


This year, the Beijing international film festival presented a mix of movies like Jason Bourne, Mad Max series, Gravity, Children of Men, love Simon and some other lesser-known works of developing countries like India. Shah Rukh Khan landed in China in April and got overwhelmed by the love, flowers, gifts and of course the lot of kisses he received from his fans at the airport.


Getting a chance to present ZERO to the world in such a prominent time slot proves the world how successful the Indian film industry has been and how it is still progressing. Shah Rukh Khan presented the movie at this Chinese festival with a powerful speech. His speech is all about the development of the film industry of China as well as India to create opportunities with the cooperation of all countries of the world to strengthen the film industry.

‘ZERO’ was released in December 2018 and gained a mixed response from the audience in India. The film features Shah Rukh Khan as a dwarf person who falls in a love triangle with an actress (Katrina Kaif) and another beautiful and smart scientist (Anushka Sharma) who happens to have a disease called Cerebral Palsy.

Though the film ‘ZERO’ failed miserably at the theatres in India, the film received great response from the Chinese audience. Shah Rukh Khan shared his happiness through a tweet along with some pictures from this film festival.