Hello Guys!!! Here, we have provided 5 best organic brands for skin and hair care. Check them out.

Organic is a word that has managed to get the attention of shoppers in a short span of time. From Men to Women, old to young, everyone has developed a certain interest in getting their hands-on organic products. This rise in interest has given a positive boost to many upcoming skin and haircare brands.
Let’s discover some of the best skin and hair care brands that are producing products that are organic and chemical-free,

Indus Valley

Organic brands

Indus Valley or Bio Organics as they essentially label their products create a wide range of products that work wonders for the skin and hair. They create products such as Hibiscus Powder, Natural Hair Colours, several other different types of plant and clay-based powders, aloe vera gel, activated charcoal powder along with a variety of oils. Their powders can be used
for making hair and face packs. The price range is very affordable making it a brand suitable for people from all strata.

Kama Ayurveda

Organic brands

A brand that is favoured even by celebs, Kama Ayurveda is a brand that sells a mixture of organic as well as natural products. Their products are a little on the expensive side but definitely worth the price. Their organic coconut oil is one of the most loved products along with their Kama Ayurveda Miraculous Beauty Fluid which is an award-winning product. The company offers customer satisfaction through its products like no other.

Organic Harvest

Organic brands

As the name suggests, it’s all ingredients organic. What definitely catches the eye of every customer is their beautiful packaging. They produce lip balms, face wash, essential oils and very fragrant sheet masks. Their affordable price range and cutesy packaging as well as catering to various skin times and solutions have given them much-needed attention by time.

Forest Essentials

Organic brands

If you look at a forest essential product, there are rare chances of you not getting the strong
urge to get your hands on them. The products by forest essentials are a lot more expensive than the other organic brand giving it a luxury brand status. They produce lip balms, scrubs, creams, serums and oils for women as well as men. They also produce travel-sized packages to cater to the needs of people who are always on the go.

Khadi Naturals

Organic brands

If you have shopped organic or natural skin care products before, there are very high chances
that you have already heard of Khadi Naturals. An elegant packaging that brings in products that are very gentle on the skin is the brand and its specialty summed up in a few words. Their body washes, face wash, face sprays are very famous and the pricing is suitable for one and all.