Hi Guys!!! Check out four rappers from Gully Boy who surely have a great future ahead here.

Did you recognize these four talented Rappers in Gullyboy?

Ever since its release on the 14th of February, Gullyboy has been in news for all the good reasons. Story, screenplay, direction, rap battles and the actors, each one of them have skillfully contributed to bringing to us an awe-inspiring movie. While am sure we all were greatly mesmerized by the movie, we must not forget that it’s the rappers and their journey that brought forward this movie. Divine and Naezy the Baa are undoubtedly two inspirational people, but did you know that the movie featured many real-life rappers? Let’s check out some of the amazing rappers who surely have a great future ahead,

Emiway Bantai

Four Rappers from Gully Boy

If you spend a lot of your time randomly scrolling on YouTube, you may have definitely come
across a video of Emiway Bantai at least once in your life. This 23-year-old artist writes, raps, edits and composes, all by himself. Bilal Shaikh as his fans and family know him released his first rap in 2014 on YouTube ‘Aur Bantai’, and since then there has been no looking back for him with hits like ‘Samajh Mein Aaya Kya’, ‘Giraftaar’ and latest ‘Machayenge’. The artist featured in a few rap battle scenes in the movie and has also contributed to the song ‘Asli Hip Hop’ from the movie.

Chaitanya Sharma

Four Rappers from Gully Boy

Better known as ‘SlowCheeta’ among rappers. Chaitanya Sharma is the same guy you hated for
a few minutes when he belittled Ranveer Singh in the first rap battle. The rapper is an avid football fan and acts apart from rapping. He is married to ‘Masaan’ and ‘Haramkhor’ actress Shweta Tripathi. I am sure the two will create magic on the screen if cast together.

Rahul Piske

Four Rappers from Gully Boy

21-year-old Rahul Piske aka Rahul Raahi has already created a name for himself by acting besides Ishan Kahattar in ‘Beyond the Clouds’. The young artist who is beat-boxer and a rapper is a part of the crew ‘Dogz Music’ and was MC Sher’s (Siddharth Chaturvedi) dear friend who rapped ‘Aur Bantai’ to teach Ranveer all about rhythm and beats in the movie.

Nitin Mishra

Four Rappers from Gully Boy

Nitin Mishra aka Spitfire is of mere 20 years old. The talented young lyricist has written the lyrics for ‘Asli Hip Hop’. All the non-song raps for Ranveer’s character were also written by him as well as he also featured in a few scenes like Battle and Cypher. The lyricist started writing at an early age and after this profound fame, we can be well assured that he is definitely going to outshine many artists.