Get Ready Guys!!! One of the hit shows of Netflix, Stranger Things, is coming back with season 3. Learn more details about Stranger Things Season 3 here.

Game of Thrones has already built tension amongst millennials, everyone is eagerly waiting for the launch but that won’t be the only series to keep you entertained this summer. Yes, you read it right, Game of Thrones won’t be the only show to keep you on your toes because Stranger Things Season 3 will be hitting your cellphone/laptop screens very soon.

Stranger Things Season 3

Netflix uploaded the official trailer of the upcoming season on their YouTube channel on 20th March 2019. The channel also mentioned the release date in their description as the 4th of July 2019. The series that falls under the science fiction, as well as the horror category, has had a strong following since the first season itself.

There will be eight episodes in this season, which will be uploaded on Netflix in one go. The Duffer Brothers, creators of this series have hinted this season as being the second last season. There might probably be a fourth season that will put an end to the entire series as per reports.

Stranger Things Season 3

While the portal to ‘Upside Down’ was successfully closed, Eleven and Max discover that the people are still unsafe and something is wrong with the residents of their town. On the other hand, we will see Chief Jim Hopper being visibly affected by Eleven and Mike’s growing relationship. In the official trailer posted by Netflix, one can notice how Dustin who has returned from his Science Summer Camp follows all his electronic toys and robots functioning on their own. We can also see him creating a makeshift radio with the help of his friends. Similar strange power fluctuations take place in the town which makes Will aware of some otherworldly activities taking place.

Stranger Things Season 3

The questions that are deeply intriguing for all avid lovers of the series are, is the Mind Flayer still alive? Will Hopper succeed in ending the budding romance between Mike and Eleven? Will Dustin finally manage to contact his girlfriend from the camp, Suzie? Also, what is this place ‘Starcourt’ that seems to have mesmerized people of all age groups?

Well, the answers to all our questions will be out in July. Till then have a sleepover with your friends to refresh your memory from the past two seasons as things are going to get stranger than ever in this season.