Looking for the top punjabi songs of 2019? Then, check it out right here.

One Punjabi song has the power to lighten up the mood of any party, remember ‘Ishq tera tadpave’ and ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’? Punjabi Songs in recent times have become so popular that Bollywood now relies on these tracks to create a perfect party song. Beguiling tunes, interesting storylines, and lyrics that are addictive—all in one song. These songs and their popularity have reached new heights in just a short span of time with over 100 million views on each song.  The popularity of these songs is ever-increasing and so we don’t want you to miss out on any of these catchy songs. Also, while we are at it, a small tip at the end of each song for all our readers, let’s find out!


If you use Instagram or Tiktok, you probably already know this song, well it’s definitely hard to ignore. 118 Million views and a million likes, written by Jaani, the song means and translates to a very popular accessory ‘nose pin’ aka ‘coka’ in Punjabi and how the men get smitten by women with a coka. Written by Jaani, a well-known lyricist in the Punjabi music industry, the song is easy to relate with as a lot of women adorn nose-pin and it is a part of many cultures in India. North, south, east or west, if she wears a nose pin, do the step! *Plays on cue* ‘Haye ni tera coka, coka, coka, coka.


Sung by Punjabi artist Guri, ‘Nira Ishq’ has over 115 million views on YouTube and has over 1.2 million likes. A very peppy yet soothing song, with lyrics like, ‘Tere layi sari duniya gaah’ti main, ve tu nai takda mainu’ (I keep searching across the world for you, yet you don’t seem to notice me). Well gaining the attention of the love of your life is surely a tough task, which makes this song strike a connection with the young audience easily. 

Who cares if you are a woman? if you love him and lately, he seems unfazed, go ahead and sing this song.


With 110 million views and more than 1.2 million likes, the next in line is ‘She Don’t Know’ by Milind Gaba. The song has a mixture of party, peppy, and Arabic vibe to the music with English and Punjabi lyrics that translate to how the guy even after being extremely busy, leaves everything and comes after her every other time yet she fails to ever realize his presence. The world is crazy behind him, but our man is crazy after the clueless girl (main ghar baar kaam kaar aaya chhad ke, par o ki jaane, kinna zyada rehnda main busy. She don’t know, she don’t know, duniya jide te crazy, she don’t know, she don’t know, o munda ode te crazy). 

Now you know what you need to play, next time she meets you for a cup of coffee.