Bollywood Singer Anu Malik is currently in Self-Isolation as many celebrities are doing. With the Coronavirus Lockdown, people are advised to stay Indoors and have to take Precautionary Measures like washing the hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizers, wearing masks, maintaining social distance in order to Keep Themselves Safe From COVID-19. The Singer Anu Malik also addressed his Fans to remain positive during this crisis time. He urged not to get panic about the Novel Coronavirus spreading around the world but follow the self-isolation method to curb the Carona outbreak. Keep The Mind Fresh by doing the things that you love and spend your time more with your family members at home. 

Singer Anu Malik Gives a Musical Tribute to Coronavirus Warriors

Singer Anu Malik Also respected the people who are working endlessly in hospitals during these troubled times for the sake of infected people. Corona Warriors are struggling hard to handle the pandemic and it is our responsibility to work for them in a better way by staying at homes and taking precautionary measures to break the coronavirus chain in our country. Anu Malik also paid a tribute to Carona warriors with a song. He composed a song with a theme called The Brave Heroes with Lyrics. 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak around the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown for the nation to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country. The decision has been appreciated and initiated by many Bollywood Celebrities and advised the people to stay indoors with their videos and messages on social media platforms. Some Celebrities also pledged to care for some families during the Lockdown and some of them donated their level best contribution funds to PM relief funds and Chief Minister Relief for the people who are struggling during this lockdown time. They also distributed Hand washes, Santiziers and face masks to the people who are working around the clock for the safety of people in Hospitals. Authorities and Policemen across the cities are struggling hard to handle the pandemic by advising the people to stay home and maintain the social distance from others in the wake of global Caronavirus in the country. Many people followed the advice and stayed at home with their families to reduce the spread of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak in the world.