With the increase of deadly Coronavirus cases across the world, India now becomes the 10th biggest hot spot with the highest one-day national surge of 6,634 new cases on Sunday. The pandemic coronavirus disease is claiming new epicentres around the world and spreading the disease quickly from nations to nations.  India now overtook Iran and stood among the top 10 countries with most coronavirus cases. 

India is following the fourth phase of the national lockdown with graded relaxations but the number of Covid-19 cases in the country claimed as 138,474 on Sunday which has doubled over the period of 13days.

India is now among Top 10 Countries with most COVID-19 Cases

Across the world, the new coronavirus cases are dropped to zero in China for the first time on Saturday. China is the place where coronavirus first originated but now India has surged with more cases and South America was ravaged. Health experts say that Countries with little health care systems and impoverished populations will face difficulties in fighting against the coronavirus. 

The latest epicentre of deadly Coronavirus is Latin America. Record numbers of infections and deaths are reported daily this week in Brazil and Mexico. Intensive-care units are drenched in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador, and all the countries have praised their early shutdowns.  

India is now among Top 10 Countries with most COVID-19 Cases

But according to the latest data analysis, India’s Covid-19 cases are tracking that of Brazil because India’s positive coronavirus cases on Sunday were similar to Brazil’s cases about 15 days ago. India has recorded first 10,000 Covid-19 cases in early 43 days but now 10,000 cases were reported in just two days. Firstly in January three cases were reported in Kerala and within seven days the positive cases climbed from 20,000 to 30,000.

India is now among Top 10 Countries with most COVID-19 Cases

The doubling rate of COVID – 19 cases was calculated over the period of the last seven days which was at the beginning of four days in April. Several Experts say that the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic is yet to come in India. 

Around the World, as governments facing political challenges and poor economic indicators due to pandemic deadly virus and many governments are easing lockdown restrictions. The pandemic has killed 345,000 people worldwide in just a few months and infected 5.4million people