Indian developers have created some next-gen iOS apps for remote working during the social distancing times to reduce the spread of deadly coronavirus. Developers Vinod Kumar and Hemant Kumar created the ‘Enpass Password Manager’ app which acts as an offline password manager to store the passwords and documents of users and it also works on iPhone, Watch, Mac, and iPad.

A developer Raja Vijayaraman from Chennai has created another app ‘Calzy’ which is a modern calculator for daily use. This app can store multiple numerical values with its novel feature Memory Area and we can also reuse the stored values across multiple calculating sessions with drag and drop option. This app was developed on the Swift method to perform the day-to-day mathematical calculation in an effective way. 

Indian Developers Create Next-Gen iOS App for Remote Working

Vijayaraman is also well known for his VFX work in superstar Rajinikanth ‘Robot’ film and now his full-time profession is an app development and he got credits for bringing design thinking for his apps. He also won the award at Apple Design Awards, WWDC 2018 for his work. 

Vidit Bhargava who developed a ‘Look Up’ app is an award-winning app that is very easy to use the English dictionary app with beautiful illustrations and design. This app also features Word of the Day and users can easily get the details of a word in a single search. For avid readers, this app was a great reading companion and for kids, it has visual learning tools. It is the best app for English speakers or for the persons who are looking to build their vocabulary. Vidit Bhargava also develops some productive and lifestyle apps under his company’s Squircle Apps. 

Indian Developers Create Next-Gen iOS App for Remote Working

A Hyderabad-based company, Fluid Touch has developed a digital note-taking app ‘Noteshelf’ which helps to take handwritten notes just like taking notes on a piece of paper.

Rama Krishna, CEO of Fluid Touch said that in Noteshelf app users can type, record audio, and annotate PDFs. App Accelerator which is an Apple product played a key role in developing the Noteshelf app. Another productivity app ‘Canary Email’ also helps the users to organize more with emails and all other files, tasks, and events in one place.