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HOTTEST EVENTS: 10 Best Summer Festivals in India

Summer is always something to look forward to! Be sure to attend at least one of the best summer festivals in India! India is a land of many amazing festivals. Festivals are an integral part of the culture of India for it represents the beliefs and customs of the country. The heritage and culture of […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Top 10 Indian festivals to look out for in 2019

Wondering what are the top Indian festivals for 2019? Well, here it is!   India is a special land of festivals. Either it is the villages or the big cities, rest assured there will be a lot of joy and enthusiasm during the festive season all around the country. People from different religions and cultures […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Upcoming International Concerts In India

Be updated! Here are the biggest upcoming internal concerts in India! For individuals who are busy and just want to have some fun for a change, concerts can really be a lifesaver to restore their energy and refresh their souls through the means of music. So, get relax and start enjoying by attending to these […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Best Music Festivals in India

Would love to go to a music fest? Then make sure you experience at least one of the best music festivals in India! Music has the power to heal and rejuvenate the soul. You can listen to music practically anywhere, anytime. But listening to music in a live concert is surely a whole new level […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Famous International Film Festivals of India

Are you an avid movie-goer? Then better check out these famous international film festivals in India!   A movie is an integral part of art and culture. This is a medium to tell a story or convey messages to the audience through an audio-visual channel. Today, films have become a lucrative business and because of […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: A Musical Soiree With Shreya Ghoshal and Kinjal Chattopadhyay

Good news folks! Shreya Ghoshal is now coming live in Mumbai with Kinjal Chattopadhyay. Now you all can enjoy your weekend by listening to some melodious live songs and music! That’s right! Shreya Ghoshal, the sensational and melody queen, is coming to Mumbai. Together with the reckoned musician and vocalist, Kinjal Chattopadhyay!   The singing […]