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TIME CAPSULE: Top Bollywood Hit Songs of 2019

Another time capsule we got right here just for you! Here are the top Bollywood hit songs of 2019 that we have so far!   This year, many Bollywood movies have been released with good soundtracks. Some songs became a big hit even before the release of the movie and some failed to win the […]

TIME CAPSULE: Most Viewed Bollywood Songs on Youtube

Are you up to date on what’s trending? Then you know the most viewed Bollywood songs on Youtube that we have listed down right here!   Youtube is the best website for watching videos. Almost every day we watch our favorite music videos on Youtube. Today, we are going to provide some most viewed Bollywood […]

TIME CAPSULE: Top Rap Songs of 2019

Are you a lover of rap music? Then you probably have the top rap songs of 2019 so far on your playlist by now! Being born in the streets of New York City in the late 70s, rap songs have emerged into a global culture which has now reached every corner of the world. So, […]

TIME CAPSULE: Top Bollywood Romantic Songs of All Time

Love movies? Love romance? How about love songs? If that’s three yes, then here’s our take on the top Bollywood romantic songs of all time! Bollywood is known for the best romantic movies. The success of these movies was helped by none other than their hit romantic songs. This generation of an audience mostly prefers […]

TIME CAPSULE: All Time Bollywood Breakup Songs

Heartbroken? Or just love being senti with sad songs? Then we gotchu with our list of all-time Bollywood breakup songs!   Music is a good companion for us. It will always be there for us in whether we are happy or sad. Music surely is a great medication when we are going through a heartbreak. […]